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We Provide

A low-stress environment designed for dogs to feel safe, helping them to grow in confidence in body and mind.

Friendly, educated instructors with a full understanding of the science of learning, who are passionate about dogs and low-stress, force-free/science-based canine education.

Instructors with many years of practical experience, coupled with recognised academic qualifications.

A large, dog-friendly, chlorinated doggy swimming pool for summer fun.

Clubhouse and shaded veranda area.

High fences/walls and escape-proof dog park areas.

Lovely wooded areas for the dogs to explore.

Shady training areas.

A full agility course.

X-country obstacles and events.

A fully fitted and equipped doggy gym for our Pawlates Fitness Programme.

Regular social events and fun shows.

Workshops on training and behaviour are regularly hosted.

Paws Abilities is situated in an agricultural small holding, in a boomed-off, secure area.

Toilet facilities are available for pet parents.

Dog Lucy

Early Puppy Education

Pups may be admitted from about 8 weeks of age and remain in this group until they are about 5 ½ months old. Proof of inoculation is compulsory!

What is puppy school?

Puppy school is a time and place where puppies and pet parents are educated. The aim is to produce a well-adjusted, socially acceptable adult companion animal. All exercises are taught as fun games and learning methods are reward-based, using the concept of positive reinforcement!

The principles of positive reinforcement learning.

Natural bite inhibition.

Leash skills – how to get your pup to walk on a loose leash.

Confidence-building exercises to produce a well-adjusted pup.

Development of sensory and tactile skills.

Inter-canine social skills.

Teaching your pup to reliably “come” when she is called.

Handling and examination skills.

Basic canine communication and behaviour.

Teaching your pup to concentrate.

Teaching the pup not to run away with your valuable possessions.

Basic puppy behaviour problem solving.

Basic puppy and dog care.

An informative CD with relevant notes is provided for all new students.

What we cover in class:

Classes are held each Saturday morning at 8:30 am. Pet parents are expected to be prompt and to be at the grounds 10 minutes before class.

Pet parents are also expected to clean up after their pups, i.e. to
“scoop the poop”.

What to bring to class:
(Please wear old clothes!)

A hungry pup restrained on a light, flat collar (or harness) and soft leash.

Soft yummy dog treats.

Dog brush and vitamin tablets – for pill taking & grooming practice.

Toys for playtime.

A large sense of humor, and a willingness to learn new things.

Saturday Group Classes

If you are experiencing a problem with your dog we recommend you contact our behaviour consultant for an assessment.

Group classes for social dogs are held on Saturdays.

Basic obedience.

Life skills.

Agility and fun x-country games.

Body awareness and fitness.

Water games.

Mental and appropriate physical stimulation for each individual dog.

Dog Lucy

Private, Personalised

In addition to our Saturday group classes, we also offer private training sessions for students who are not able to attend our Saturday classes.

Private lessons are also available for students with dogs that are not coping in a group class. We offer ‘remedial’ private lessons, with an aim of eventual inclusion into a group class. Each dog and handler are treated as  an individual pair. We do not use the one size fits all’ method for any of our training, group classes or private sessions. Each dog is an individual, and each handler is an individual.

It is our job to bring the two of you together, to help you work as a team, together, not against each other!

Lessons are tailor-made to meet your needs and realistic expectations of helping your dog to reach her full potential! All methods used are pain-free, low-stress and use the latest positive reinforcement methods of learning.


Do you have problem pets?

The Consultation (Advanced Booking is Essential!)

On the day of the appointment, the pet & family members will be seen at the consulting rooms, or occasionally, under special circumstances, the pet will be seen in the owner’s home, or for owners in outlying areas telephonic or e-mail consultations may be arranged.

When seen at the Paws Abilities consulting rooms, on consultation, the pet will be placed in a secure area. Observations will be made while a full background and history is taken, and all problems being experienced are fully discussed.

After taking a detailed case history, making observations and an in-depth evaluation, an immediate prognosis is given, followed by a brief oral outline of what is needed for the family to achieve a successful resolution. This is backed up with a full written report, detailing the step-by-step instructions needed for a successful resolution.

The cost varies according to time/location, etc, and an average of two hours is needed.

The fee includes: the consultation, a detailed written report, and telephonic back-up.

A successful outcome depends largely on owner co-operation, compliance & consistency.

Preparation of existing dog for the arrival of a new human baby.

Aggression towards people or pets.

Self-mutilation/self-harm behaviours.

Digging or destructive chewing.

Tail chasing.


Ingesting inappropriate/dangerous objects.

New pet introductions.


Fighting or incompatibilities.

Escaping or gate bolting.

Inappropriate toilet habits.

Hypersexuality, leg/object mounting.

Fears or phobias.

Excessive predatory behaviours.

Spinning or shadow chasing.

Excitable behaviour/hyperactivity.

Jumping up.

General pet advice.

Dog Lucy

Doggie 'Pawlates'
doggy health & exercise programme

A specialised exercise programme for dogs.

Will help your dog to build muscle, increase flexibility and improve balance.

Reduces the risk of injury.