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About Us

Welcome to the FORCE-FREE Renaissance

Everything we do with animals revolves around a strong core belief of
“Do No Harm, Cause No Pain, Create No Fear!”

Our training methods are kind and gentle, focusing on creating a stress-free/low-stress platform, to aid in learning. Kind for your pets, and for your family.

Dog Lucy

About Us

Paws Abilities was founded in 1995.

We are passionate about teaching dogs and educating pet parents.

All Paws activities are held under the direct supervision of a certified, accredited animal behaviour consultant (residing on the property).

All Paws activities and care are pain and stress free.

We strive to use the most gentle, low-stress, modern, science-based methods of learning and animal handling.

Louise Thompson

Animal Behaviour Consultant & Professional Trainer

I am passionate about every aspect of the science of training and behaviour modification - without losing empathy, care, and respect for dog and pet parent.

Senior Accredited Animal Consultant and Professional Trainer.

Accredited with the Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA ©®™ 1996.

Accredited in Canine, Feline, Equine, and Avian Animal Behaviour.

Certificate of Companion Animal Behaviour (Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department of Ethology, University of Pretoria.)

Certificate of Advanced Animal Behaviour (Pretoria Technikon Cum Laude).

Certified Companion Animal Behaviourist (South African Board For Companion Animal Professionals).

Member of the International Pet Professional Guild Promoting Force-Free Training.

Editor of the Animal Behaviour Consultant of Southern Africa.

Honorary Life Member of Top Dogs (Touch Hour Pets) Dog Therapy Organisation.

Louise has more than four decades of practical “hands-on” experience in working with different species and various animal-related fields, training, and disciplines.

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We Have a Highly Qualified, Experienced Team of Trainers & Behaviour Consultants.
Louise Thompson
Animal Behaviour Consultant & Training Director
Senior Instructor

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